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ECommerce Mobile App Development Company in Quinte West

ECommerce Mobile App Development Company in Quinte West

WebClues Global specializes in native app development for B2B and B2B ecommerce on Android, iOS, Windows and mobile web for products as well as services. WebClues’s team of expert consultants and app developers have worked on onmichannel and retail app development for renowned brands. Our clients have enjoyed increased reach, better footfall and improved sales after developing ecommerce apps for their business.

Benefits of E-Commerce Apps

  •  It helps to strengthen your business
  •  Capture huge number of customers
  •  Support to sell your products globally
  •  Provide guidance with different currencies and language support
  •  Always at Hand with ease at anytime

All these benefits guide a business to acquire profit financially. Moreover, it will take your business towards success beyond your expectation. So, it is advisable to get a perfect solution with an e-commerce app for the business either it may be a small or large, these apps becomes primary for every business.

Well, if you have an idea to develop e-commerce app for your business, then WebClues Global, a top-notch e-commerce app development company is right there to develop a customized e-commerce mobile apps for your business. This is because, WebClues Global years of experienced professionals in e-commerce app development and knows the exact significance of branding for a business.

Our ecommerce app development process:

At WebClues Global, we follow the EmbiQ engagement model at all stages of development. The EmbiQ model helps maintain process quality for agile development and allows for predictable outcomes. Our team of subject matter experts, consultants, ecommerce app developers, and UI/UX designers work together for end-to-end implementation of your ecommerce mobile app and integration with your web and retail stores for an omnichannel experience.


Effective conceptualization is the foundation of a successful app. This stage addresses all the aspects of the app, from target market research to what will make the app unique. At this stage, it is also necessary to bear in mind the integrations your business may require of the app.

Drawing up wireframes& designing the UI:

A representation of the skeletal structure of the mobile app, wireframes take the idea and concept one step further and provide a design on paper that is easier to visualize. This stage helps one assess the usability of the app and determine navigation from section to the other.

Development (server side logic, caching of data, synchronization of app data etc.):

Programming and coding begins. Accessing backend data, configuring with servers, creating for the different sections of the app, all this is done through agile development to allow iterations and continuous improvement.


A complete version of the app is finally ready, and it’s time to test it to spot bugs and effect improvements. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and beta testing may be carried out, and the testing tools may also be used to fine comb the app.


Once the app is deemed ready, it’s launched in respective app stores and marketing activities to promote the app are carried out. Even after launch, an app needs regular attention to ensure smooth functioning, bug fixes and build enhancements.

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