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Debunking The Myths of 3D Design in 2019

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3D design is slowing taking pace. It can revolutionize your complete product and ensure maximum satisfaction rate. It can increase sales by designing a product that can stand for consumers’ expectation.
However, there are certain prenotions related to three-dimensional design that is still present. Here are some of those myths related to 3D design that should not be present.
  • A simple product doesn’t need the 3D design
This is one of the most common myths that hold manufacturers to try one of the productive design techniques. Well, it is not at all true that a product needs the 3D design to flourish because a three-dimensional design opens the door of the product development like none other.
In a 2D design, you cannot cover all the details and variable to showcase your product effectively. Hence, your end product might not come as per the expectation and once you have started producing the product, you cannot alter anything.
On the other hand, a 3D design gives you the complete opportunity to optimize and edit your product design for flawless production.

  • 3D design is extravagant
We understand that capital is one of the key aspects of any project development and any project manager would give keen thinking in deciding the ROI from the 3D design.
Although 3D design seems a bit costlier than traditional design techniques, it is worth the investment if you think for the future. We understand the fact that investments should be made smartly and that’s why we provide affordable 3D design services to our prospects.
As per our experience, the output from the 3D design is worth every penny. The visualization, production and sales procedures of your product will take a positive shift if you include this design technique.
  • 3D design only works for the specific type of materials
Few agree that if your material is plastic, a 3D design is for you as the printers are not worthy to withstand the hardness of other materials except plastic.
If you work with wood, metal, nickel, etc. you should avoid using 3D design as those you cannot give you the desired result at the end.
Thanks to the evolution of technology and human intelligence, we can now mold any material into 3D prototypes. A 3D design can give you accurate results from any complex and unique requirements.
  • It is hard to visualize 3D design
People may think that once the design is ready, it is a complex drawing which cannot be easily comprehended. Although one needs to have a decent sense of technicalities to better know what the 3D picture represents, a 3D design will actually make your life easier than its counterpart.
It actually gives you one more angel to look at your product design for enhanced understanding. Once you are comfortable with the whole process, it is one of the fastest and easiest ways through which you can understand your products’ properties.

A professional 3D designer is all you need to get the ball rolling. It is a lucrative way to not only conceptualize your idea but optimize every aspect of the product development through 3D design.

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