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10 Reasons Why Magento Development is The Ideal For Your Business

The retail industry has never been the same after inception of content management systems. Magento, being the leading CMS in the industry, provides some of the robust functionalities that can help you cope with any business requirements.
Here are 10 reasons why Magento Development is ideal for your business.
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1. Designed only for ecommerce
Magento is designed solely for ecommerce websites. Its only aim is to provide a streamlined platform for the developers to create online stores. Unlike other CMS, its dashboard is designed perfectly for inventory management, product listing, content management, etc.
2. Mobile friendly support
Smartphones are very effective when it comes to online shopping. According to a source, almost 80% of smartphone users have purchased goods from their mobile devices and with Magento, you can have robust ecommerce website development that creates mobile friendly pages.
3. It is available for free
Yes, Magento is an open source platform and charges literally nothing like there is no installation or downloading cost levied to the users. So, it is a perfect CMS for small to medium-sized online sellers.
4. Versatile currency support
Based on the targeted buyers, it might happen that they belong to specific geographical locations. At that time, Magento allows you to showcase your pricing in any foreign currency. 
5. Brilliant user experience
Website owners should understand it is very important to know how their visitors feel when they land on their online store. With its dynamic structure, Magento gives a comfortable user experience to your ecommerce website visitors which will encourage them to buy your products.
6. Robust security
In an online store, payment is the last and most important phase. At that time, it is evident to have a secured architecture in place to have smoother transaction. Magento provides secured payment processing, robust data encryption and companitibility with Paypal, Payoneer, Simple Pay, Google Checkouts, etc.
7. Faster loading speed
Magento boasts itself to have robust code that instantly loads whenever a user visits a webpage. The basic coding of a Magento website supports faster loading speed.
8. Supports third-party extensions
Magento allows skilled developers to code their own extensions which will be productive for their daily ecommerce use. So, if you want to include more functionalities in your web store, you can develop complimenting extensions to help yourself manage better.
9. SEO friendliness
Websites based on Magento are SEO friendly. Magento allows editing URLs, meta tags, keyword rich content optimization, etc. Moreover, you can have structured sitemaps with thousands of URLs.
10. Enables deeper analysis
As Magento ecommerce development servicesprovider, we haven’t seen any other admin panel other than Magento that allows customized reporting and enhanced analysis about the user activities done on your ecommerce website. You can see product views, purchases and user engagement in once place.
It is extremely important to choose right CMS to get success in online selling. With Magento, if you prefer a skilled and versatile Magento website development company, your success is ensured.

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